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The Catholic University of Lille has more than 29,000 students and welcomes more than 5000 new students every year. In addition to the University’s teaching, which aims to deliver an education based on academic and pedagogic excellence, the Association d'Entraide Universitaire brings together five central hubs at the heart of the university : catering, accommodation, health, well-being, sport and event services.These important aspects of the student experience provide support in day-to-day life at university, with new student services in constant development.

Our aim is to help our students put together and develop their plans for the future, take responsibility for their own health, offer a healthy and varied diet, give them the opportunity to become responsible and learn about management at the heart of their accommodation, as well as organise group activities which include culture, sport and social well-being. We are aim to honour our mission statement of welcome and mutual help, and our different services are constantly being improved in order to make our campus a great place to live. 

We invite you to discover the AEU in the following pages. We hope you enjoy your stay in Lille and we wish you an excellent year with us at the Catholic University of Lille.

  • 1600 Rooms
  • 2500 Meals served every day
  • 7000 Consultations per year (CPSU)
  • 4240 Hours of sport per year
  • 29000 Students
  • 25000 Issued services cards

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  • May2018

    Oraux IESEG

  • Apr2018

    Catering Holidays

    The following restaurant will be closed during holidays from 23/04 to 13/05
    Weeks from 23/04 until 04/05
    - Pasta campus
    - Chicken self (lunch and dinner)
    Weeks from 30/04 until 13/05
    - Pasta campus
    - Sandwicherie Henninot
    - Le 60
    - Friterie
    - Meurein

    Week from 07/05 until 13/05.
    Chicken self will be opened on 09/05 - only for the lunch
  • Feb2018

    Vegetarian Hamburger

    Come and taste the veggie burger, only in PASTA CAMPUS !

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